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fleet_banner_960x380Do you have what it takes to become a Fleet DJ?

The Fleet DJs offers our DJS exclusive marketing opportunities with membership.

Our marketing consist of servicing your mobile mix shows to radio stations, record pools, pod cast, online magazines, college radio, and nightclub promoters. With your mobile shows, we create the buzz needed and excitement for your entire project. We also use street and event promotion to reach the consumers on a grass roots level. DJ’s provide us with CD copies / flyers / jpeg logos to distribute at public and industry events throughout the year along with a constant daily blitz of email promotions for over one million fan, subscribers, and down-loaders. By acquiring the multi-media mix show distribution, we have already set in motion the path for your success as we can place your music on all of the websites listed below and even more including international music sites. We turn the mix CD DJ into the mobile mix show DJ’s by having your mix shows available worldwide on ITunes, Microsoft Media, Google, Yahoo, Sony PSP feeds, X-Box 360 feeds, and mobile phones permitting MP3 play. With CD’s nearly out of the picture completely, conducting statistic surveys we have created a gateway where the DJ can make a living from his or her creation of mobile mixes.


Fill out the form below and make sure you answer each question and submit any helpful information that will influence our decision.You may choose to send in a 30 minute sample mix set, a high quality photo and your biography for our consideration as well.

Fleet DJs Membership Application
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